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As the market gets tighter, carriers of every size need to dig in to find creative ways to cut costs and increase revenue. Many indicators place 2020 as a “significant correction year”. Aside from a projected bearish market, other obstacles have proven themselves to be a thorn in the side of every carrier. Tariffs, increased insurance costs, the ELD mandate, and the volatile price of fuel all contribute to lower margins. 


It’s not all bad, though. We’ll admit, we may be biased, but there is an easy route to increase margins and lower costs at the same time — by leveraging one way trailer moves.


One way trailer moves allow you to cut out bobtailing, get paid for moving the trailer and the freight, and much more. Here are 5 key benefits of one way trailer moves.


Eliminate bobtailing


We’ve all heard some bobtailing horror stories. We’ve even heard one as terrifying as New York to Missouri. It’s common knowledge that excessive bobtailing can significantly cut into your profits. It’s also dangerous and opens carriers up to increased risk. To avoid these issues, we’ve made it easy to find one way trailer moves in every corner of the country and into Canada and Mexico, effectively cutting bobtailing out of the equation. 


Get paid for the trailer AND your own freight


The math is simple: load freight into your own trailer that you’re paying for or utilize our network of trailers. By leveraging our load-out trailer moves, you get paid for towing the trailer and you can still load it with your own freight. As an added bonus, we’ve held a great credit rating for close to 20 years and always pay quickly and on time. 


Complete coverage


Unfortunately, accidents happen and some are completely out of your control. Carriers need to be careful when moving non-owned trailers so as to protect themselves in the case of an accident. Onewaytrailers works directly with carriers’ insurance companies to ensure that their coverage will protect them in any circumstance, giving carriers peace of mind. 


Open up new lanes


Flexibility can be a massive advantage in a down market or when growing into a larger fleet. If a carrier finds a great opportunity that’s just out reach, one way trailer moves can bridge that gap to enable new lanes to open up. By taking advantage of consistent one way moves, carriers can begin establishing a presence in the areas that the one way move is picked up or delivered.


Consistent trailer moves


Reliability in the trucking industry is essential to keep moving and growing. Even in correction years, new trailers are always being built, dealerships are always selling trailers, and large fleets are always trying to balance their trailer pools. These factors result in a consistent demand for carriers able to move trailers one way. Carriers are able to better plan for the future and keep their trucks moving. 


With close to 20 years of experience, Onewaytrailers is the nation’s largest connector of motor carriers and one way trailer moves. Keeping carriers moving is our bread and butter. If you’re a motor carrier looking to increase your margins, signing up with us is completely free and easy. Registering takes as little as 5 minutes and we deal directly with your insurance company, saving you from headaches. Get started today.