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Every trucker has their dream rig paired with their dream truck interior. Some love retro trucks, some would love to be behind a brand new Freighliner. When it comes to interiors, there is even more variation. Color, features, appliances, gadgets, and more come into the picture. We thought it would be fun to scour the internet to find our favorite truck interiors and compile them for you.



Legacy Sleepers: A Home Away From Home

While most truckers will agree that their cabin is a home away from home, Legacy Sleepers takes it a step further. While you might be a bit limited in the trailers that you can tow behind their extended cab, you’re not limited whatsoever in terms of comfort. With 250% more space, this sleeper features a restroom, full wardrobe, large refrigerator and freezer, stove, microwave, sink, flatscreen TV, and a table and seating area that converts to a queen bed.



Kenworth T680

For those that want the comforts of home without the inconvenience of an extended cab, the Kenworth T680 is a great choice. Named the 2013 ATD Truck of the Year, this rig has features that allow you to live comfortably in your truck. The passenger seat flips around to eat comfortably at the slide-out table. Massive amounts of hidden storage allow you to bring all the essentials you may not be able to fit otherwise.



Custom Kenworth W900L

For those that have an affinity for older trucks, feast your eyes upon this custom-lit Kenworth. The ambient lighting, old school dash, and wooden steering wheel are sure to transport you back in time.



Retro Blue

Following along with the retro theme, this completely custom cab will take your breath away. Everything is in immaculate condition, from the seats to the two-tone dash and massive gearshift. The classics never die, right?



Truck or living room?

For those that aren’t as big on all of the amenities and would rather elect for a completely comfortable space to relax and watch a movie during their downtime, this custom living room cab is calling your name. While it doesn’t have a refrigerator or much storage, it makes up for it by providing a truly relaxing space to kick back. Watch a movie, play a video game, or just enjoy the peace and quiet while surrounded by natural green colors and (fake) plants.



The Mobile Theater

If this doesn’t prove that the possibilities inside your cab are endless, I don’t know what will. This awesome cab is decked out with surround sound speakers, theater style seating, and a flatscreen. No better way to catch up on your shows while on the road.



Better Than A Studio Apartment

Most any New Yorker will take one look at this truck and decide that it’s more comfortable than their studio apartment. A kitchen complete with stovetop, 360 degree cabinetry, a full bed, and modern window blinds leave nothing to be desired in this custom rig. There are even outlets in every imaginable space and ambient lighting under the countertop.



Navistar International Luxury Rig

Drivers spend up to 14 hours of their day behind the wheel, so this list wouldn’t be complete without showcasing Navistar’s luxurious leather seating and dashboard. With increased window size, you can enjoy the views without sacrificing comfort.



Decor Goes A Long Way

You don’t need to have the newest model or best features to be comfortable and happy in your sleeper. Simply adding some decor can drastically change the feel of any rig’s interior. A few pictures here, a new bedspread and pillows there, and you’ve suddenly got a living area that’s sure to feel like home.



Jack Daniels Custom Rig Interior

One of the biggest benefits of being an owner operator is the ability to do anything you’d like to your truck. The owner of this rig customized his interior head-to-toe with purple cabinetry and embroidered walls, with a flatscreen, sound bar, and a Jack Daniels themed refrigerator. We’re only left to wonder what color the exterior may be…


Which interior was your favorite? If you had total control of what your cabin looked like, what would you do? Leave a comment below to let us know!