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If your fleet’s miles don’t consist of bobtailing, you’re either a small carrier, extremely efficient, or not paying attention. According to ATRI’s 2017 report, 19.5% of miles are spent on non-revenue generating activities (ie bobtailing). Almost 1 of every 5 miles is wasting money and efficiency. That number should be incredibly troubling to carriers for obvious reasons. There is essentially 19.5% of operational capability being squandered.

Bobtailing might seem like a necessary evil to many carriers. The logistics between drivers, routes, and trailers often doesn’t make sense. As a result, trailers are left in yards unattended, collecting dust, and not bringing in any money. If you’re anywhere near the 19.5% mark outlined by the study, you’re leaving a great deal of profits on the table. The added gas mileage of bobtailing as compared to a full load is absolutely no consolation to the thousands you’re losing by not having trailers in a strategic position to carry loads. Worse yet, many of the idle trailers in yards are being leased, meaning that the trailer is a very expensive paperweight.

There are, however, many solutions to cutting down on bobtailed miles. It is likely not feasible to completely overhaul your trailer pool and rebuild in coordination with your projected loads. That process can take expansive man-hours, drivers, fuel, and stress. OneWay Trailers is the best option to effectively balance your trailer pools and regain flexibility and added operational capacity.

OneWay Trailers partners with fleets that are in need of repositioning their trailers. Instead of recruiting one of your own drivers to transport a trailer to it’s needed location, OneWay Trailers uses their own expansive fleet of reputable motor carriers that are looking for a trailer to move in (obviously) one direction. Trailer owners have the option to allow these motor carriers to load-out their own freight as they deliver your trailer, or tow-away the empty trailer to deliver to your destination. This is an easy and cost-effective way to get your trailers to where they need to go. Especially in the holiday season, this can be a life-saver and create new opportunities for your business.

Each carrier contracted by OneWay is carefully vetted. The carrier’s insurance information is personally inspected to ensure they’re current and are carrying sufficient coverage. Each driver is researched to see a historical pattern of safety and timeliness. All of this provides peace of mind to the trailer owner that their equipment will be delivered on time, safely, and without damage.

Trailer owners and large fleets are able to register on the website for free in just 5 minutes. There is no limit to the amount of trailers they’re able to list, and you decide whether you want to list it as load-out or tow-away. OneWay Trailers has staff on call 24/7 to assist with any issues or answer any questions for both the driver and trailer owner. With over 17 years of experience and recognition, OneWay Trailers is your best bet to cut down on bobtailing costs and skyrocket your operations.

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