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Life as a truck driver brings plenty of stories — some good, some bad, and some just plain creepy. Whether attributable to highway hypnosis, ill-intended individuals, or the paranormal, some experiences in empty rest stops or forgotten backroads can send chills down your spine. We combed the internet to find a few scary stories from real truckers. You may want to wait to read these during daylight hours…

Moving Scarecrow

Parked off an exit ramp at about 3am for my 10hour. The moon was full and high, and I Spotted an unmistakably human figure in a nearby cut corn field. A little spooky but I just wrote it off as an old timer putting up a scarecrow for the grandkids.

Started watching a few YouTube videos before turning in and out the corner of my vision I thought I saw movement. I shut my lights off to get a good look, saw the figure but nothing else. I couldn’t be sure, but it looked like maybe it was in a different spot. Maybe even a little closer. I was definitely feeling a bit spooked. Highway was devoid of anyone besides a car passing every ten minutes or so. I didn’t want to, but I had to jump out to pee. I considered a bottle, but I told myself I was being childish. I took a look at the figure and it was right where I figured it should be.

I hop out, walk between my truck and trailer and start taking care of business. Every fiber of my being wanted to look. I told myself again I was being foolish, but I couldn’t help it. I looked out… The field was empty, the figure wasn’t there. My stomach dropped, I pinched off and jumped back in. I took off down the highway, didn’t give one care about a violation. Stopped 40 minutes up the road at a well lit and very full Love’s. Haven’t stopped on a ramp since.

Nothing To See Here

Not the middle of nowhere, but a trash route in a pretty rural area. We were at a stop loading trash when a pickup stopped behind us. A petite woman covered in blood got out and asked directions to Lake Jack Nolan. She said there was a deer that had been hit by a truck and she had been sent to remove the remains. She never said who sent her, but she wasn’t moving a deer an inch at her size. We gave her directions and sent her on her way. We all said we wondered if she was going to dump a body or something. She was already covered in blood in a nice truck and was supposed to be on her way to move roadkill that was far too heavy for her to handle. Then we went back to work.

Miss Trunchbull

My dad drove a truck between Edinburgh and London and tells this story often. He was driving down the motorway and looked to his right, saw a woman with a ‘Miss Trunchbull bun’ (as he describes it) staring at him with a terrified expression from a car next to him. Before he really knows how to react the car pulls off at the next exit and my dad, although shaken, carries on. About half an hour later a different car with a different driver pulls alongside my dad, with the same woman in the passenger seat, with the same expression on her face. My dad thinks ‘screw this’ and plans to pull into the next services to report because even if it’s nothing/misunderstanding, better to be safe than sorry, right? Anyway the car disappears before he can get any details (plates, etc) and he thinks there is no point calling the police with no details so he carries on driving. Literally about 4 hours later, almost in London, yet another car pulls alongside him with the same woman, same Miss Trunchbull hair, same terrified expression, except this time she appears to be SCREAMING at my dad through the window, so my dad pulls over into a layby and calls the police. Apparently they have received 3 other calls about the same woman/car in the same area in the last few minutes. It is unfortunately anticlimactic as he never heard anything more about it but he didn’t see her again and although he kept an eye on the news, didn’t see anything about it. Hopefully it’s just a giant coincidence. Who knows.

I’ve Got A Long Walk

Around 2006ish I was driving flatbed, picked up a load of construction material in rural Tennessee, memory is foggy now but I want to say it was between Memphis and Nashville.

Tarp required so I strapped everything down, tarped the load and left the shipper. About 5 miles down the road, in the middle of nowhere woods on a 2 lane road, I notice my tarp flapping. Found a wide shoulder and pulled over to fix it. I realize that I just did a bad job tarping this load and decide to re-do it on the side of the road. Undo all the bungee straps, drag the tarps off, roll them back up, climb up on the load and start unrolling the tarps again and I see a guy walking down the same side of the road I’m on, coming towards my truck. 

I don’t think anything about it other than to keep an eye on him ‘cause I’m in the middle of nowhere and continue what I’m doing. About the time I have tarps set in place and am climbing down to start hooking the bungee straps back on, this dude is getting close enough that I’m now paying more attention to him than I am to tarping my load. I grab my winch bar and set it on the trailer where I’m working just in case.

The guy gets to me and the first thing I notice is his hair. It’s like a mullet but it’s patchy, like he tried to cut his own hair and had a seizure in the process and said “good enough to party”. The next thing I noticed were his eyes, which I can only describe as “off”. Like they were clear, I didn’t think he was drunk or high or anything, but it also gave me the distinct impression that the elevator didn’t go all the way up. Clothes were dirty and not well maintained, with dirty white tennis shoes, ‘cause I remember he didn’t have laces on one shoe and the tongue was noticeably out of place.

He stops by me, waits until I acknowledge him and just says “I’ve got a long walk”. I’m like yeah man, you do, we’re in the middle of nowhere. Making it clear there’s no ride to be had here. He nods, starts walking by me continuing on his way, stops at about the driver door on my truck and turns around, comes back to me and repeats himself. “I’ve got a long walk”. At this point I explain that I can’t give him a ride, insurance and all that. Apologize for not being able to help him out, and he seems to accept this, turns around and leaves.

I wait for him to get a little ways away from my truck and start working on finishing the tarp job. I still keep an eye on him and he’s moving away from me. As I’m putting on the last of the bungee straps I look over to check where he’s at and he’s turned around heading back towards me, now about 100 yards in front of my truck and coming back my way. It looks like he’s talking on a cell phone, has his hand up to his face and I can barely make out his mouth moving, his other hand waving like he’s having a conversation with someone.

I finish with the straps, grab my winch bar, and am climbing into my truck as he’s about 10 yards away now. Soon as I’m in the cab I lock the doors, and set the winch bar on the passenger seat just in case. I look at the guy and realize he’s not talking on a phone, he’s talking to his hand and now I’m nervous, ‘cause he doesn’t look like he’s having a nice pleasant chat, it looks more like an angry conversation. Crank the truck up, put it in gear and just pull out, didn’t look for traffic or anything. As I pass him he’s just looking at me, still holding his hand to his face with this dead look on his face just staring at me. Gave me the creeps. About the time I hit 5th or 6th gear I look in the mirror and there’s no one there.


My uncle was driving between Great Falls and Helena at around 3am. He had his high beams on as it was a lonely drive and quiet highway. In the distance he saw something cross the median and started to slow his approach, thinking it was a deer. As he got closer, he realized it was standing up so he slowed down to about 30 mph. He realized what it was and started to panic: a man in blue coveralls with a pig’s head. Not a mask, but literally the head of a pig on his shoulder. My uncle moved to the left lane and as he passed, Pig Head lunged at the truck. My uncle didn’t stop to check if he’d grabbed on till he was in the safety of Helena. Nothing was out of the ordinary there but on that stretch of road now, he doesn’t slow down for anything.

Credit: u/acanno10, u/Pedizzal, u/ScrewLucy, u/PenBandit, u/widerthanlonger