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As one of the largest conferences in the transportation industry, NPTC always has something new. The trick is that you’ve got to be looking for it. With a lot of the same companies setting up booths just to have somewhere to chat with their customers and colleagues, it can be hard to know where to look to see new and exciting ways to improve your operations, equipment, and business practices. Here’s a quick guide on what to watch for at NPTC 2019 in Cincinnati.

1. Strick Trailers

Strick Trailers will be hard to miss in Booth #432 as one of the largest booths in the showroom. They’re excited to unveil their new FRC Trailers. These trailers are specialized beverage delivery trailers, available in regional and local delivery lengths. Per their press release: “The seamless, snag-free, full-length FRC side-wall panels are pultruded with a moisture-resistant PET core that is 100% recyclable,” says Justin Bell, Vice President of Strick Engineering. “The hydrophobic characteristics prevent ‘wicking,’ ensuring zero water intrusion or weight gain.” Bell also notes that simply removing all alloy components eliminates the concern of any future rust or corrosion.

2. Stoneridge

On the far end of the conference hall sits Stoneridge in Booth #650. Stoneridge will be showing their MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS). The MirrorEye system eliminates blind spots by placing high resolution cameras on both sides of the vehicle . and 4 HD screens in the vehicle. Drivers can see every square inch of the length of their rig with no blind spots. It’s easy to see how this can improve fleets’ safety and mitigate the risks that used to be inherent with big rigs.

3. Wreaths Across America

Wreaths Across America is an incredible organization that honors fallen veterans by placing wreaths on tombstones at 1,600 locations across the country. WAA has partnered with Contract Leasing Corporation (another NPTC exhibitor) to open bidding on the Wreaths Across America Trailer. This trailer is designed to educate about WAA’s mission. Stop by Booth #746 to learn more about it and bid on the trailer.

4. Oneway Trailers

Oneway Trailers‘ mission is to cut bobtailing costs for fleets and cut delivery costs for trailer dealers. By leveraging thousands of highly qualified carriers, Oneway Trailers can reposition or deliver any trailer to-and-from any destination in North America at a much lower cost than any other option. Each carrier is fully vetted to ensure safe history and satisfactory insurance requirements, meaning that every trailer moved is fully covered from start to finish. Any size fleet or trailer dealership can save unparalleled time, energy, and money by partnering with Oneway Trailers. Stop by Booth #843 to learn more!


As always, NPTC is sure to provide countless resources for fleets and trailer dealers nationwide. To learn more about the schedule, click here.