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Reliable trailer relocation

trusted by 20,000+ carriers since 2001.

All over North America
99.5% on-time reliability
Most qualified carriers


Less bobtailing

Stop paying for empty miles. Get paid to haul a trailer back to where you’re headed.

Higher margin

Earn more on each trip by eliminating any empty miles you’re traveling.

Consistent moves

Regardless of the time of year, take your pick at several hundred trailers ready to move.


Cut costs

Prepare trailers or balance pools while saving money on their transport.

Trusted carriers

Every carrier in our network is extensively vetted to ensure safety and reliability.

Full coverage

Every trailer moved with us is fully covered end-to-end in any situation.

Less bobtailing.

Higher margin.

Whether you’re an owner-operator or a large fleet, maximize your miles by moving trailers one-way for trailer owners. Choose a trailer that’s classified as a tow-away or load your own freight with a load-out move.

Get your trailers moved.

Stay covered the whole way.

At Onewaytrailers, we extensively vet every carrier to ensure they meet our standards of safety and reliability. We also personally obtain every necessary insurance certificate, including non-owner and trailer interchange coverage. You’re covered from start to finish.

20 years of excellence 

Born out of necessity.

Learn how we got started.

From 2001 to today

Service throughout North America


At any time, our customers have hundreds of trailers to move. Grab and go with a tow-away or load your own freight on a load-out.

Our staff is on-call 24/7 to answer any questions, help with pick-up or delivery, and make each move as stress-free as possible.

"Onewaytrailers has been an integral partner for us in delivering trailers to our end customers for as long as I can remember. They're incredibly communicative, which allows us to keep our customers informed. Their carriers are great and on-time."

Client Since 2002

"Oneway's a great way for me to get back home after my dedicated route. Always prompt and helpful in getting a trailer for me.

Client Since 2017

"We use Onewaytrailers to balance our trailer pools and they're great to work with. Their carriers are always ready to go and we rarely ever have any delays or other issues. When an issue arrises, they're quick to fix it and get us back on track.

Client Since 2010

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