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From a kitchen table, we’ve grown into the most experienced power-only logistics company and the largest pool of qualified carriers in the United States.


The safety of our carriers and our customers’ trailers is paramount to anything else. We thoroughly vet each and every motor carrier before they’re ever set on a move.


Our word is our bond. We understand that both our carriers and customers have strict schedules that they need to adhere to. We keep a close eye on each move to ensure timely delivery.


Accidents happen. We earn our customers’ trust by personally obtaining the certificate of every type of necessary insurance coverage.

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Proven Success

The numbers don't lie

For 20 years, Onewaytrailers has moved over 65,000 trailers safely, creating over 10,000 satisfied customers and carriers.

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satisfied customers

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trailers moved

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We move trailers.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Onewaytrailers has created the transportation industry’s first and only interactive online access to an ever-growing source of semi-trailers available for FMCSA carriers, truck dealers, drayage, towing and construction companies to use one time in a oneway move. Onewaytrailers provides an easy to use, fast, and effective process that presents truck operator members with real-time information allowing them to make the best decisions possible to increase asset utilization.

Onewaytrailers has also created an extremely efficient process for trailer owners, trailer manufacturers, dealers, motor carriers, for hire or private, railroads, inter-modal, leasing and auction companies, financial institutions, or federal and state agencies to have their trailers delivered or repositioned when and where required. Posting the availability of their trailers on Onewaytrailers advertises their needs to thousands of qualified operators.

Our history


Lyn Simon

Co-Founder, Onewaytrailers


After spending 20 years helping to grow Dick Simon Trucking from 20 trucks to over 2,300, Lyn’s father sold the company in 2000. Through the years, Lyn watched the birth of the internet beginning to change the way the trucking industry operated. 

After spending some time thinking of the current challenges in the industry, Lyn set out to solve the logistical issue of balancing large fleets’ trailer pools. Thus, Onewaytrailers was born.

Lyn partnered with his wife Helen and their good friend Kyle to design an online loadboard dedicated to moving trailers for large fleets, dealerships, and other trailer owners. In 2002, Onewaytrailers was launched as the first online-only loadboard. 

In the 20 years since, Onewaytrailers has moved over 65,000 trailers, amassed the largest network of highly-qualified carriers, and expanded into multiple offices in the United States. 


Tel. (866) 458-2600

PO Box 27567

Salt Lake City, Utah 84127

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